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My first real day of summer

So today is my first real day of summer, solely because its the first day I've gotten to be a bum at home. Ever since school got out 2 weeks ago I've been busy with family in town, graduation crap, and other summer preoccupations. It feels good, but then again i start a summer program next week for 6 weeks from 8-10 am which means i gotta wake up early.....bleh.

Anyways, I figured i should start my arduous task of catching up on most of what I've managed to miss over the past couple of months. But then again I got busy with watching dramas and changing my journal theme muah ha ha lol. I have soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo................................................. much to do its not even funny. But I'm looking forward to it, all the fics, dramas, news, and etc. that I've missed.

It feels weird because this is the first summer in a while where i don't have a definite schedule everyday, and it sucks being jobless, but I'm looking for one still. I still gotta hangout with people from high school that want to do lunch and dinner dates but i cant cause being broke ain't fun. So until then I'll just be a bum at home, doing fun cheap/free things, reading a lot (especially mangas and books i didn't read over my senior year), doing college stuff still, and definitely listening to music to pass the time.

Anyone wanna recommend any fics i should read?

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That would be great! Lol but im busy saturday and sunday so if you still wanted we could bum next weekend or one day next week.