shun heart

Hi there i'm not dead.....

So I'm on the phone with Triv right now and she basically forced me to post something especially since i haven't posted ANYTHING since January. So i figured I'd just post this sentence and let her know that I'm ready for all the rehabilitation she plans on throwing my way.
Later I'll post again and update all about the last couple of months. hehe
And I guess i can say that I'm back lol
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thanks triv for pestering you or else i never know what u're doing..hehhe

Yea she is great for doing it. I would have came back just a little later i guess, and i'm happy to be back. I'm good, just started my summer vacation and I'm looking forward to all the free time. What about you, how have you been?
i'm fine..i guess. just finished my midterm.. luckily it wasn't bad as i predicted. how's your college application?everything went well i hope..(^_^)
Thats great, i've never taken a mid term but i know they're stressful. Well i did decide where i'll be going to school. Im going to a local school for two years then im going to transfer to a larger university.
yeah..i'm glad it's already over. now i have to prepare for final exam..huhu..what kind of school?i'm sorry. i'm not familiar with U.S educational system..(T_T)
btw..are you still gonna take engineering?
Yea finals are no fun because i had all my finals last week. Ok well the type of school im going to is called a community college because its local and cheeper than a larger university which is where i'll go in 2 years. And i'll go there for engineering.