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"It's like I checked into rehab, baby you're my disease."


So because my life has been falling apart and sort of been a bucket of smelly shit for the past couple of months, I'll be taking an emergency trip to San Jose, Costa Rica. So yay shitty life! Because of you, I guess I do get that vacation I've been wanting for the past couple of months just maybe not for the right reasons.
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Uwah, twin, I'll be here if you want to talk or anything! I've missed you and keep missing you until you're ready to come back ^^ ~<3
I've missed you a lot too. And I would love that, life has just been a little suffocating lately. When is good for you? I'm not quite back yet but I'm still around lol.
lol cute! ok well i have work tomorrow until 6, I'll be home probably around 7 so anytime after that is fine. If not tomorrow, then maybe Wednesday night anytime after 11 is good.....
it's cute because you said that you're free all week and then you say well maybe not around dinner time. It's funny and cute...... And plus you're irresistibly cute. Anyways, I'll be on messenger tonight after 7 and i'll be waiting for you to sign on, ok?
you're here!!!
and i'll be gone..finals starting..(T_T)
hope you'll have a nice vacation!
Lol thanks, and good luck on your finals. I'll try my best to stick around so we can catch up after you're done with finals.
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