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Hello world!

So I've been sorta busy lately, I guess with family in town and all my friends that are going off to school within the coming weeks/days *tear* lol. In recent weeks, my aunt has decided to live with us for awhile and its been fun. Since my brother left for school in July, having her in the house makes it easier to get away with things, did that sound evil?LOL  Well since this is her first time in the Chicago area, we've been doing a lot of driving and touring i guess. Recently, i took her to the Shedd Aquarium and to a beach a few blocks away from our house. Of course being from Jamaica, she flatly told me that it wasn't a beach, and though i totally agree, its all we have lol.

She also wants to plan a trip to Jamaica, sort of like a family reunion type of thing, and I am all for that. So we'll see especially since I've been dying to go on a vacation like literally all summer.

All my school friends are going off into adult life, traveling abroad, and college. It's such a weird feeling! I had orientation this week, and it was nice, and it makes me super excited with all the never-before-seen faces and not the usual ones I've been seeing for most of my life. My classes start in a week, on the 24th, and its strange how quickly the summer has gone by. And I only feel half accomplished because I didn't do everything i had planned on doing this summer, but then again its been a fun summer full of new memories and new friends. Gosh that sounded sappy. :P

I still feel like the fandom is dead, but i am enjoying Ryo and Pi's dramas. Especially Buzzer Beat, which i had my doubts about at first, but it's really cute and i love all the characters. Which hasn't happened in awhile, especially with a Yamapi drama. I'm also watching My Queen, which is a TW drama and thats uber cute too. Another thing about having the time to watch dramas again, is that my mom and especially my aunt are totally getting into them too lmao. In the last episode of Buzzer Beat, my aunt started yelling at the computer screen when Noaki caught Natsuki and Yoyogi making out in the locker room, that was priceless lol.

I'm also currently very into K-pop at the moment lol. 2PM!2PM!2PM!2PM omg owns my soul. 2NE1 is hot. And SHINEE is love. I still have SHINEE and 2PM's latest singles on repeat, especially while driving. I wonder what I look like sometimes, this black chick blasting Korean and Japanese music. lmao. Makes me laugh too, even my mom likes 2PM and my aunt loves 2NE1's "I Don't Care" ♥

Anyways, I'm gonna stop the ridiculous and pointless ranting and just say goodnight all because i am off to gawk at Eric as i watch this week's installment of True Blood which starts in like 10 minutes. Ah~~ today is lovely even if there are rain clouds out.

Did I mention how hot Oguri Shun is these days? Breath-taking hmmmn.

Radio Show

A Photo shoot he did and I don't remember which one lol
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