I'm alive. My life is still boring and I'm sill broke. lol
Like I stated in my last post decades ago, I've been trying to catch up.
But there is a problem....... the fandom is dead!
It makes me sad because i thought i was missing so much in terms of keeping up with JE and NEWS, but other than a few singles, dramas, and various other activities; I'm not really missing much.
Anyways, just figured I'd say hi and i will continue my pursuit even if I have realized that I haven't missed much.
How is everyone else?

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Now i totally understand when you always say that. It's like there are tumbleweeds blowing in place of the usual excitement and it's so sad
See I told youuuuuuuuuu DDDDDDDDDDDD:

Things should be picking up in July with the dramas and 24hrTV and things but...still. aldskfmasdf so dead.
yeah..the fandom is dead!
no wonder many NEWS fans shift fandom coz there's nothing on..
myb somebody has grudge with them..huhu
I totally understand that though, because im considering shifting to another one of my other fandoms too. Im just holding out though
i'm just wandering around je though..rite now, i'm hooked with's your other fandom?
Well right now im bordering between kanjani, kattun, and arashi lol. Its kinda hard to choose since i've always had the same amount of love for all three.