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happy times

so i'm in a really mellow mood and even though i really should be doing the home work i was supposed to do over the long weekend, i just felt like say that i love my new journal design.
and i'm super excited for tomorrow, because i finally see Wicked, school is going to be a mess tomorrow because of the whole inauguration thing, and i'm gonna see Wicked. omg i'm so excited ♥
also i bought tickets to go see Jon Mclaughlin at the house of blues in february, i love him because of many shallow and not so shallow reasons. and his voice, i love it.
anyways, thats all. i'm off to watch tv and probably attempt my Calculus homework.
 i've decided to cut my hair and get a pixie cut or something similar, i'm excited about that too. lol
it may look something like this:
  or this  
i wonder what it'll look like

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lol thanks i hope so too.

and yes wicked was totally worth the super expensive ticket, i mean i still feel giddy from it.