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To everyone out there, I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day. Even if this day is a commercial holiday that's really just about how much you spend, it still brings out the best in people sometimes.

I love the second picture lol ♥.
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Hi there i'm not dead.....

So I'm on the phone with Triv right now and she basically forced me to post something especially since i haven't posted ANYTHING since January. So i figured I'd just post this sentence and let her know that I'm ready for all the rehabilitation she plans on throwing my way.
Later I'll post again and update all about the last couple of months. hehe
And I guess i can say that I'm back lol
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its over!

ok so for the past 2 weeks i've been studying for finals, and this week  i was positive that i would bomb a majority of them. but i only bombed on calculus..... yay?
so in the spirit of Heroes (since i'm about to go watch the 1st season on DVD), i'd just like to say:

Hiro's got it

its over. i'm officially a 2nd semester senior and i'm definitely going to celebrate this milestone by going out to my favorite japanese restaurant this weekend. yay me

any ways how is everybody else? <3

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